About Us


At Himalraj Sports & Nutrition Pvt. Ltd.  is a  supplement and fitness equipments store in India. We believe in customer development and retention. If you have a passion  to work in an energetic environment, join us to be a part of a revolution. We aim in providing a healthy work environment that is challenging yet exciting to work in.

At Himalraj Sports & Nutrition Pvt. Ltd, we aim in changing lives for all Indian’s and bring about a healthy change in all teens and adults. We are more than just an  fitness store in India. We strive to motivate all who are near us to bring a positive change in India by being your advisor, nutritionist and support group. Join and help change the world you live in

WHY us?

Apart from the fact that we are the only featured and reliable  supplement & fitness equipments  store in India, following are some reasons to do business with us:

Himalraj Sports & Nutrition Pvt. Ltd Regardless of what department they work in, they share the same passion that includes a drive to help others by providing fitness support programs and supplements to all. Our motivation is driven through our customers feedback. We are here to provide motivation, information and supplementation to make a better lifestyle.

Revolutionize lifestyle: This commitment is the foundation for our company driven my employees who are fit in what they do. We love to support our customers  by providing health and fitness related activities. Driven through a goal-oriented approach, every action is quantifiable and achievable. We do not only believe, but we are recognized to be the fittest organization in India.


Started of in 1997, we have grown more than what we initially imagined and that is why it is important to mention our core values that have brought us so far. These core values include but no limited to:

  •   Always be Honest and truthful in your business dealings.
  •  Habit of giving back to our Society
  • Develop our customer using goal oriented platform by creating a roadmap
  •  With passion comes competition to succeed
  • Passion to create an idea more BIG than it actually can be


To assist our customers and followers in their fitness, health and appearance goals by providing them with professional guidance, motivation and supplementation.


Transformation through nutrition and fitness is a passion for Himalrajsports.com. We aim to provide you with the right information and tools to look fit and healthy, bringing India to a new era.